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Scottish Wildcat DVD Last of the Scottish Wildcats
Far back in the history of Scotland clans formed together under the image of the wildcat and fought wars for the independence of the land. Today less than 400 Scottish wildcats remain in the wild and the extinction of Britain's last large mammal predator could come within the next decade. Click here for video clip
£15.99 including UK p&p
See also Wildcat Haven book, by Mike Tomkies
Red Squirrel DVD Red Squirrels ~ Spirits of the Wood
Starting in spring when a female red squirrel visits a village garden, later to be joined by a male, we follow their adventures over the course of a year. You will see how the red squirrel population has dramatically declined since Beatrix Potter wrote her story “The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin” in 1903. The American grey squirrel having taken over, outnumbering our native squirrel 66-1, leaving the red squirrel with a fight for survival as an endangered species a century later.
£15.99 including UK p&p
Osprey DVD Osprey ~ Spirit of the Lake
Bassenthwaite Lake is the beautiful setting for the return of one of natures most spectacular birds of prey, the Osprey. Persecuted by man in the past, it is over 170 years since these rare birds bred in the Lake District. The DVD follows the fortunes of a magnificent male osprey, and his two successive mates who have produced 19 chicks up to 2009. You will see courtship behaviour, including the male's spectacular aerial displays, equally spectacular fishing dives, aerial duals with rival bird of prey, the buzzard, and collecting nest materials.
£15.99 including UK p&p
British Mammal Guide DVD British Mammal Guide
This is the first ever DVD to take an in depth look at the mammals of Britain.
This twin disc set contains nearly three hours of stunning footage and features 79 species of mammal found on the British Isles and in its coastal waters. All 18 species of Bat, 11 species of Cetacean and all of the terrestrial mammals found here have been filmed.
The DVD menu allows the viewer to navigate to a species of interest or sit back and watch the discs in their entirety. Each species profile combines a short slideshow of a distribution map and several photos of droppings and footprints that will be of use in identification with several minutes of footage with informative narration focusing on morphological and behavioural characteristics. As such, the guide provides the viewer with the tools to identify each individual species with additional information on habitat, distribution and the best time of year to find them.
Running Time: 2 hours 52 minutes
£17.00 including UK p&p
The Falkland Islands: A Natural Kingdom DVD The Falkland Islands: A Natural Kingdom
Let this stunning film take you on a journey of discovery across the Falkland Islands. Using the very latest camera technology, this DVD makes compelling viewing as it sheds a new light on these amazing islands that overflow with the wonders of the natural world.
Join thousands of black-browed Albatross as they share with trawlers the riches of the swirling South Atlantic and then glide effortlessly to return to feed their chicks.
Tumble ashore with the waves of charismatic Rockhopper Penguins and see them bathe and shower on their incredible journey up the steep cliffs.
Often called the 'Penguin Islands', here it is easy to see why. Comical Magellanic Penguins appear amused by the tourists and the magnificent King penguins and endearing Gentoos leave a lasting impression.
Elephant Seals are without a doubt the beach heavyweights of these islands, but even they are no match for the drama played out by the Killer Whales.
Stanley, the capital, gives us an insight into the present day lives of the inhabitants, whilst travelling through 'Camp' provides a glimpse into the past and present rural life of these resiliant islanders.
£14.99 including UK p&p
Extreme Weather Experience DVD Extreme Weather Experience
Experience the world's worst weather up close on DVD. Incredible footage from the Severe Weather film library.
Join the storm chasers and watch unbelievable lightning displays and the destructive damage of tornadoes and hurricanes right up close in surround sound. Nature's power will astound you as you experience the sound and fury of massive downbursts of rain, the crashing of huge hailstorms, lashing snowstorms and blizzards and the awesome power of Atlantic gales.
Plus fascinating and informative information about how and why tornados, hurricanes, thunder, lightning and other extreme weather conditions are created is included in this great release.
This fantastic DVD lets you experience the extreme weather first hand without the danger - it's almost as exhilarating as being there yourself.

£12.99 including UK p&p
The Complete Cosmos Boxset DVD The Complete Cosmos Boxset
The Complete Cosmos box set is an encyclopaedia of space and astronomy on DVD, exploring the Solar System, our Milky Way and the Universe beyond. From the big bang and the formation of the planets to black holes and the farthest quasars, the film tells a crisp, intelligent and highly visual story uninterrupted by interviews or on-screen hosts.

Disc 1 - The Solar System: HUB OF THE PLANETS
THE SUN - Covers the birth, life and death of the Sun, interior dynamics and exterior fireworks, sunspots, the corona, solar winds and everything you need to know about our local star
MERCURY - The most comprehensive portrait ever of this scorched little planet. Takes a look at double sunrises, craters, cracks and, incongruously, maybe polar ice
VENUS - Looking at the planetary hell beneath the clouds, the poisonous, crushing atmosphere, seating heats, volcanoes and a runaway greenhouse effect
EARTH - The evolution of the earth and of life, its internal structure, continental drift, day length, seasons, oceans, climate, weather and El Nino
MOON(aka Luna) - The story of the Moon and its birth from collisions, its influence on Earth, Apollo landings and the recent discovery of water
AURORAE AND ECLIPSES - Taking a look at celestial shows, how the solar wind conjures an aurora, lunar and solar eclipses explained and a recent eclipse of the Sun
MARS - Could cold arid Mars be the next place we land? Looking at polar caps, volcanoes, the biggest canyon ever seen and the possibility that Mars once had oceans
LIFEQUEST - Is there life elsewhere in the Solar System? Could life be sustained on Jupiter's moon Europa or even Saturn's moon Titan in the future?
IMPACT! - Exploring the threats of comets and asteriods and what would happen if the spacerock that slew the dinosaurs hit New York today
JUPITAR - Bigger than the other planets combined, Jupitar is a turbulent gas giant with 16 moons. We take a voyage through this mini Solar System
SATURN - Exploring the many rings and moons of this exotic gas cloud and a preview of a landing on Titan, a moon like primitive Earth
URANUS AND NEPTUNE - The outer giants. Uranus has a crazy tilt and a chaotic moon called Miranda and Neptune with tempests and a moon spurting geysers
REALM OF THE COMETS - Looking at comets and where the originate, the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt and the possibility that Pluto isn't a planet at all (recently declassified)

Disc 2 - Discovery Into Deep Space: MAN IN SPACE
SPACE FRONTIER - Human space exploration, from Yuri Gagarin's first orbit of space to the race for the Moon and the Apollo landings
HIGH LIFE - Living and working in space, triumphs, tragedies and everyday practicalities on the Russian space-station Mir and America's Space Shuttle
WHERE NEXT? - The possibility of a spaceport in Earth-orbit, the colonisation of the Moon and Mars, the taming of Venus, plus an elevator into space!
BREAKTHROUGH! - From the ancient sky-watchers of Babylon to space-age cosmology, the story of astronomy featuring Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Hubble
EARTH PATROL - Launched into Earth-orbit, these are the satellites that monitor the health of our planet. Looking at the ozone, the melting ice-caps, weather, deforestation and navigation
ROBOTS - A look at our scouts in the Solar System. Probes that trail-blaze on Mars, plunge into Jupiter and land on Saturn's moon Titan
HUBBLE'S EYE - After astronauts fix its faulty optics, the Hubble Space Telescope peers back through time to the depths of the cosmos
LIGHT FANTASTIC - Visible light reveals only part of the Universe. We look at how other wavelengths fill out the picture, from gamma-rays to radio
MILKY WAY - Our galaxy explored and light years explained. Looking at the life and death of stars, supernovae and the clouds where stars are born
INFINITY - Looking at the structure of the Universe, galaxies, clusters, strands and how we measure to a nearby galaxy and to the farthest quasar
BIG BANG, BIG CRUNCH - The theory of the Big Bang explained and how from that cataclysmic explosion the Universe continues to expand, but will it stop and reverse?
BLACK HOLES, DARK MATTER - Although invisible, black holes betray their presence, which is the same with dark matter: the missing 90% of the Universe

"Highlights just how good a non feature DVD can be." DVD Menu Autumn 2000
"The menu is very clear and easy to use. The pictures are stunning and the soundtrack very high quality."Spaceflight
"These computer generated images of black holes ... will astound you." PC Advisor
£19.99 including UK p&p
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