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Basic Bat Detectors by
Batbox, Magenta,
Pettersson & Elekon

100% Guarantee All bat detectors on this website are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and have my exclusive free extra year's warranty.
If you need help choosing a bat detector, just call me on 0333 9000 927.
Martin Bailey

Also Digital Recorders by Zoom & Roland/Edirol

Exclusive extra Year's Warranty on ALL Bat Detectors

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Not sure which bat recorder to get? Try my 'key' to help you choose
or check out our new bat detector website for bat call recorders
Comment from a client:
"My bat detector microphone failed during a dawn survey and knew that I had a group of dusk surveys starting in two days time. I was not in a good place as I did not have a spare, but my equipment was less than a year old.
After my survey I contacted Martin by email and he called me back on the same day, a few hours later, after a quick nap. He told me he did not have a part in stock, but had already contacted the supplier on my behalf.
The next day I received a replacement part, free of charge and express delivered from Switzerland. I thought it was amazing, and could not believe it was resolved so quickly.
Due to Martin's exceptional service I was good to go with the surveys, and I really would like to thank Martin and Wildlife Countryside Services for making the dusk surveys happen."
David K.
Magenta Bat4 bat detector Magenta Bat4 Bat Detector - With our Exclusive 2 Year Warranty!
The Magenta Bat4 Bat Detector is a completely new detector developed from previous designs. All the good features of the original are there, including high level audio output, and built-in front-facing weatherproof loudspeaker.
£75 with Free UK delivery
(we ship worldwide, so please email us with your details for a quote)

Magenta Bat5 bat detector Magenta Bat5 Bat Detector - With our Exclusive 2 Year Warranty!
The new Magenta Bat5 Digital Quartz Bat Detector has a backlit 4 digit LCD frequency display, a high stability, easily tuned local oscillator and advanced amplification and filtering circuits.
£110 with Free UK delivery
(we ship worldwide, so please email us with your details for a quote)

Magenta bat detector case Magenta Bat Detector carrycase
Suitable for all Magenta Bat detectors, made from a hard shell covered in a sturdy fabric.
It is olive green and dimensions are 16cm x 10cm x 3cm.
£15 with Free UK delivery
Batbox Baton bat detector Batbox Baton Bat Detector - With our Exclusive 2 Year Warranty!
The Baton is a frequency division bat detector and comes with a version of BatScan sound analysis software, developed especially for the Baton. In addition, if attached to the soundcard of a laptop computer by a stereo lead from the ‘line out’ of the Baton, it will produce real-time sonograms, allowing detailed analysis of calls when used with BatScan software. With carry pouch.
Probably the cheapest option if you'd like to record bats.
£90 with Free UK delivery
(we ship worldwide, so please email us with your details for a quote)

Special Offer:
Batbox Baton with Zoom H2n Digital Recorder and a free 3.5mm jack lead
£90 + £175 = £265
Batbox IIID bat detector Batbox III D Bat Detector - With our Exclusive 2 Year Warranty!
The new Batbox III D is a heterodyne bat detector, which incorporates the latest technology, whilst retaining all the best qualities of its predecessor. The easy-to-read digital display, single-handed operation, high sensitivity and robustness make it an essential field tool for the professional or amateur batworker. With carry case.
£170 with Free UK delivery
(we ship worldwide, so please email us with your details for a quote)
Pettersson D200 bat detector Pettersson D200 bat detector - With our Exclusive 2 Year Warranty!
Small and low weight heterodyne detector with backlit, large digit, accurate digital display, showing the tuned frequency. The frequency and volume controls are on the side of the case, making it easy to adjust.
Type: Heterodyne; Microphone: Electret; Frequency range: 10 - 120 kHz (min.); Bandwidth: 8 kHz (+/- 4 kHz), -6 dB; Battery: 1 x IEC 6LF22 (9 V); Quiescent current: 17 mA typ. including LCD backlight; Size: 119 x 60 x 25 mm including knobs; Weight: 150 g including battery; Outputs: 2 x 3.5 mm jacks for headphones and recorder
£300 including UK delivery and VAT
(we ship worldwide, so please email us with your details for a quote)
Elekon Batscanner bat detector Elekon Batscanner Bat Detector - With our Exclusive 3 Year Warranty!
Detect bat calls easier than ever. Just turn on and listen - that's all. The ultrasonic sounds are automatically transformed into the audible range. Nothing needs to be adjusted. What makes the BATSCANNER unique is that the mixing frequency is determined and readjusted automatically by the call frequency of the bats.

Small, portable device to have always with you
Adjusts automatically and displays the detected frequency
Headphone and speaker operation, crystal clear sound
Ideal for groups or excursions
Identical sensitivity as the BATLOGGER
£245 including UK delivery - nothing else to pay!
(we ship worldwide, so please email us with your details for a quote)

Elekon Batscanner Stereo bat detector Elekon Batscanner Stereo Bat Detector - With our Exclusive 3 Year Warranty!
The BATSCANNER STEREO is an easy to use bat detector. It converts the ultrasonic bat calls into an audible frequency with the „mixer“ principle (heterodyne). What makes the BATSCANNER STEREO unique is that the mixing frequency is adjusted and displayed automatically for the detected bat species. Thus, the different bat species can be heard without manual tuning and its main frequency can be seen easily.

Automatically detects bat calls and tunes frequency accordingly
Stereo output to precisely locate bats
Speaker or headphones operation
Displays the detected frequency in kHz
Displays the detected direction of the ultrasonic source
Optional manual frequency tuning

Incl. BATSCANNER STEREO, wrist strap, manual
£305 including UK delivery - nothing else to pay!
(we ship worldwide, so please email us with your details for a quote)
Sony Headphones Sony Headphones
These headphones are comfortable and good quality, ideal for use with bat detectors as well as MP3 players and other portable units. Has 30mm drivers for excellent sound reproduction
£20.00 with Free UK delivery
Bat Detective book and CD Bat Detective Book & CD
This book, together with the accompanying CD, provides an essential reference for bat enthusiasts who would like to gain or improve their skills in identifying British bats, using a bat detector. The material is suitable for those who have just acquired a bat detector as well as for more experienced bat workers. The sounds of 13 bat species are included in the 48 tracks of the CD. This is the first ever comprehensive compilation of British bat recordings on compact disc.
£25 with Free UK delivery
The Handbook of Acoustic Bat Detection The Handbook of Acoustic Bat Detection
An accessible and comprehensive guide to all things acoustic bat detection. This highly illustrated handbook provides an in-depth understanding of acoustic detection principles, study planning, data handling, properties of bat calls, manual identification of species, automatic species recognition, analysis of results, quality assurance and the background physics of sound.
Written by Volker Runkel, Guido Gerding & Ulrich Marckmann and translated by Iain Macmillan.
£50 including UK delivery!
Bat Calls of Britain and Europe Bat Calls of Britain and Europe - hardback
A comprehensive guide to the calls of the 44 species of bat currently known to occur in Europe. Following on from the popular British Bat Calls by Jon Russ, this new book draws on the expertise of more than forty specialist authors to substantially update all sections, further expanding the volume to include sound analysis and species identification of all European bats.
Written by Jon Russ, a well-respected bat worker and author of British Bat Calls.
£55 including UK delivery!

IMPORTANT! We have noticed that there is a mistake - rather an important one. Figure 7.3 is supposed to show the minimum frequencies (Fmin) of FM/CF bats but what it actually shows is the frequency containing maximum energy (fMaxE). You can find details of all errors found so far here.
Is That a Bat? Is That a Bat?
The occurrence of non-bat sounds during bat surveys can be distracting, intriguing or annoying. Recordings can include difficult to ID species of bat but also sounds not related to bats. This can be especially true when noise triggers such as insects, small mammals or birds look like bat-related noise. Therefore, only knowing what bats sound like is not enough. It's extremely useful to know what other sources of noise look and sound like within the same soundscape. This book will help bat workers, in whatever environment they're in, to be more confident in recognising, categorising and dismissing other sounds. The book includes a substantial downloadable sound library (.wav format) that readers can listen to by ear or process through sound analysis software.
Written by Neil Middleton, a well-respected bat worker and author of Social Calls of the Bats of Britain & Ireland, as well as The Effective Ecologist.
£35 including UK delivery!
British Bat Calls British Bat Calls
Knowledge of bat echolocation, calls and identification using bat detectors and programs such as BatSound has grown significantly in the last decade. In this practical guide Jon Russ and contributors (Kate Barlow, Philip Briggs & Sandie Sowler) present the latest data in a clear and concise manner.
The book covers topics such as the properties of sound; how bats use sound; bat detection methods; recording devices; analysis software; recording techniques and call analysis. For each species found in the British Isles, information is given on distribution; emergence times; flight and foraging behaviour; habitat; and echolocation including parameters for common measurements. Calls are described in the context of the different technologies used (heterodyne, frequency division and time expansion). Various spectrograms are displayed for each species using examples from both BatSound and AnaLook. An echolocation key is included with the book.
£35 including UK delivery!
Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and Ireland Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and Ireland (second edition) Pre-order for July 2022
This updated and expanded edition includes additional information and new examples not found in the first edition (further down this page). The call library now includes full spectrum sound files, as well as many new examples. Survey guidelines are included in the book.
The social calls of bats are an area about which relatively little is known, with more research still required to expand our understanding. This book summarises what is understood so far about social calls of the bat species occurring in Britain and Ireland, and north-west Europe.
This new edition contains: foreward by Michel Barataud, author of Acoustic Ecology of European Bats; almost double the number of figures and tables as the first edition; completely overhauled call library, all in full spectrum, with new examples; three entirely new chapters, covering bat-related acoustics, settings for social interactions, and survey guidelines.

£40 inclusive - nothing else to pay!!
Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and Ireland Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and Ireland
Bats are fascinating mammals about which we still have much to learn. As well as using ultrasonic echolocation calls for orientation and while foraging, they also have a complex array of vocalisations for communication. These are known as social calls and are an essential component of their colonial lifestyle.
This book brings together the current state of knowledge of social calls relating to the bat species occurring within Britain and Ireland, with some additional examples from species represented elsewhere in Europe. It includes access to a downloadable library of calls to be used in conjunction with the book.

Read More

£35 including UK delivery!
Bats of Britain and Europe Bats of Britain and Europe
This concise and definitive guide presents all 45 bat species that regularly occur in Europe (of which 17 are known to breed in the British Isles). The extensive introduction details the remarkable biology of bats and explores the latest findings in bat evolution, behaviour and echolocation.

This is followed by in-depth species accounts covering life history, conservation status and identification, including echolocation characteristics, and complemented by accurate distribution maps, with the book illustrated throughout with superb colour photography.

Read More

£35 inclusive - includes UK delivery
Basic bat detectors
Basic Bat Detectors
for listening to bats
Basic bat recorders
Basic Bat Detectors
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Digital recorders
Digital Recorders

Active bat recorders
Active Bat Recorders
Passive bat recorders
Passive Bat Recorders

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