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Martin's Easy Wildlife Gardening

I want you to have a fantastic wildlife garden, as easily as possible. All my advice is free, whether you buy from me or not, and should you decide to buy your plants and other items from me, you can be sure everything is of the highest quality.
If you need any help, just click on the chat button to chat with me or leave an offline message, or call me on the number below.
Best Regards, Martin.
Martin Bailey


Send for my free ebooklet '10 Easy Ways to Make a Wildlife Garden'

"Very interesting and just what I needed. I now have a log pile on a waste piece of garden and hope to work towards a wildlife friendly ‘patch’".
Free eBooklet '10 Easy Ways to Make a Wildlife Garden'


For loads of useful information about all aspects of wildlife gardening, order the wildlife gardener's 'bible'
'How to Make a Wildlife Garden' by Chris Baines, at only £17.99 including UK postage
How to Make a Wildlife Garden "This an excellent and well written book. There are sadly only a few books on creating wildlife habitats in your garden and this is the best one I have read. Included are sections on each area of the garden, useful lists of the best plants to grow, ideas for new habitat areas to create, I have followed some of the ideas and have seen the amount of wildlife in our garden grow considerably, last year we didnt have to spray for any harmful insects and this winter we have had a huge selection of birds in the garden that simply weren't there last year. The only downside would be the lack of clarity on what exacly to feed and when for birds - other than that this is an excellent, well written and informative book - if you are at all interested in the subject BUY IT NOW!!"


When you have decided what you would like to do, just give me a call for free advice on 0333 9000 927 or email me

"Thank you so much. Your advice is most helpful. There are kestrels and buzzards hunting over the field, but as yet we have not
seen any barn owls. Hopefully, once the wildflower meadow is established, the owls will start to visit the area"


Check out my website for wildflowers, nestboxes, wildflower turf, wildflower seeds,
native bulbs, trees, and lots more for your wildlife garden

"All the trees, hedgerow and plants have settled in incredibly well and no losses and everyone growing for all they are worth.
Unlike our neighbours hedge, half of which has died. It always pays to buy quality!!"


If you're not sure about anything, want some advice, or would just like to chat about your garden, just call me on 0333 9000 927

"Many Thanks for all your help and kindness Martin I have appreciated this"

Remember, I want you to have a fantastic wildlife garden, and if you choose to buy your stuff from me that's great,
but either way we all need to do our bit to help our threatened wildlife to survive in our increasingly sterile world.

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